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April 10-14, 2017

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from Bret-

I did not meet my goal this week and only provided Tower feedback to 2 principals.

An employee of the Ozarks Literacy Council got in touch with me this week and wanted to pass this information on to you. The Basic Literacy Program is about individualized tutoring; it’s just you, the tutor, and your goals. The Ozarks Literacy Council (OLC) offers free one-on-one, curriculum based tutoring for adults and children. Tutoring sessions utilize the Reading A – Z curriculum and focus on the unique needs of each reader. Services are not income based, they are just free. Period. And tutoring always occurs after school in a public place. The best ways to contact the OLC are through the website and phone; or 417.616.0505.

from J-

A quick review for our updated P Card/bank processes:

*When you use the card, you are the initial reviewer. Upon reviewing the charges, please put in the notes section very brief statement of what the charges were for.

*The App1 is the 1st Approver - generally this is your site secretary.

*The App2 is me as the 2nd/final approver. I cannot approve if the notes section is empty.

Let's throwback for a moment to Summer 2016 at our elementary kickoff. One of the discussions we had was around the concepts presented in the 20 Mile Mile March (click here to watch again...4+ well-spent minutes). As we are now in 4th quarter, take a moment to reflect on your journey up to this point of the year:

Did you have the ambition to achieve, coupled with the self-control to hold back?

Were you high-performing when it was difficult, and able to save some in the tank (cruise control) during the good?

How did you do with working smart and resting well?

How will you work smart for the rest of 4th quarter?

Did you and are you finding joy in the journey? (If the answer is no on this, we need to talk... )

A reminder that there is no Elementary Leadership Team on Wednesday following Senior Leadership Team and an Ignite update.

Finally, below is information about the SLeadership Springfield's Principals of Leadership. It is my goal & expectation that all principals participate in this program. Cohort 5 is coming. If you haven't done this yet, please consider putting your name in the hat.

Looking forward to my continued visits this week and having the discussions around supporting your work. Your impact and influence is tremendous. Keep driving the meaningful learning opportunities and driving the positives into assessment season that is upon us.

Senior Leadership Team

Wednesday, April 12th, 8:30am

1359 East Saint Louis Street

Springfield, MO

Senior Leadership followed by and Ignite update. No Elementary Leadership Team this month.

Principals of Leadership - Class 5!

The application window for Principals of Leadership, Class 5 is now open. Principals of Leadership is program through Leadership Springfield that seeks to inspire, develop and connect principals with the Springfield community for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities of students. This program is open to principals and assistant principals and consists of a fall retreat and 5 program days over the course of the year. Programming concludes with a graduation each June. Tuition fees for accepted applications will be paid by the office of Innovation and Information. Please consider applying for this exciting leadership development opportunity. Applications will be accepted until the close of the business day on May 5th. Click here for more information and access to the application.

Principals of Leadership