Cammie Riggles

The Tragedy

On September 11, 2001 the terrorist group al-Qaeda took over four airplanes and flew them towards four of the United States most important buildings; The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and the last plane believed to have been headed to the White House. The last plane, Flight 93, was taken back by its passengers and crashed in a corn field in Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people died that day including the highjackers.


News networks reported on this event for months after the fact. Anything and everything about 9/11 was reported to the public; the wreckage, the victims, the presidents speeches, and al-Qaeda. Because of the media, at the time, all middle-eastern people were considered terrorists, and anyone who was friends with a middle-eastern person was considered a terrorist. Even some Indian people were considered terrorist just because of the way they looked. Thanks to the media a new wave of racism came over the United States.

  • Cultural Criticism definitely plays a role in 9/11
  • Historical Criticism also plays a role, for a long time we have had a conflict with some middle eastern countries because of our alliance with Israel

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