By: Caroline Meyer-Kate Van Duyne


In the book Cleopatra Confesses by: Carolyn Meyer, Cleopatra wants to be queen and is her father's favorite child, but will things work out in her favor? The setting of this story is mostly in the Royal Palace in Alexandria. Cleopatra has two sisters who are fighting for the crown of Egypt in 50 B.C and do not think Cleopatra is a threat. They do not know that she wants to rule even more than they do but they have no limits. They will kill anyone and do anything even kill each other; if one gets in their way.

The protagonist is Cleopatra faces multiple conflicts in this interesting biography. One of the the conflicts in the story is when the father is goes into exile and her sisters were in rule. Cleopatra's life was in danger. Cleopatra could not eat anything from the palace and had to lay low and hope that her father would come back. Then finally they would rule Egypt together. The type of conflict is character vs. character because her sisters are the conflict. When one of her sisters gets killed by her other sister then things start to heat up because the announcement of her father's arrival comes to the palace. She knows that the king will not be happy that she has been so cruel. Her sister killed her first husband but falls in love with her second husband. Another conflict is when she is queen and her brother/husband who is only 10 and is trying to take over. Cleopatra has to go into exile because Egypt would rather her brother rule inside of her. she saws in the book that when Egypt realizes that a 10 year old can rule Egypt. She will regain her spot on the thrown.

In Cleopatra Confesses by: Carolyn Meyer, Cleopatra is a very smart, nice and kind character that just wanted a true friend. She was granted that wish when she became best friends with Charmion who is a dancer. Cleopatra does not care about if it is a daughter of a noble man or the head of the kings dancers she just wants someone who is kind and cares for her not just her title and that speaks to her personality. The resolution in the story is when Berenike kills Tryphaena to gain full power. Then when Cleopatra's father comes back from exile he kills Berenike for being a cruel and selfish queen.

Precious Jewel

Cleopatra is the protagonist she is the favorite of all the kings children. She is very smart, She has a tutor that teaches her everything she needs to know and she is very good at learning. “She is right---I have learned not only to Egyptian language but several others.”(page 15). She wants to become queen but her older sisters will not let that happen. (Sisters are the antagonists)

Creative Cleopatra

Blast from the Past!

“'Of course my princess,' he replied with a correct bow. Demetrus frowns slightly but shrugs and goes away. There is no forgotten papyrus, but Titus and I return the library and I quickly choose one. As we start back to the palace, our conversation is lively.” (page 134.) In the passage it says “‘Of course my princess,' he replied with a correct bow” (page 134.) it shows that it is from an older time period, because not as many people are still addresses as princess. When you see the president in today's time you would not bow. This tells us that it isn't in present day. Also on page 134, “There is no forgotten papyrus”, papyrus is not used to write anymore. It tells us that they life in Egypt (because it was most popularly used there). This passage speaks a lot to this time period by telling us things that are not used to date so we know that it is from the past.
  • The royal Boat-- “Our bearers are waiting to carry us in our chairs to the Royal Boat”(page 35)

  • Grand Vizier-- “'my uncle the grand vizier, gave me an order, and I have obeyed,' he has said repeatedly..”(page 95.)

  • Julius Caesar--“who is the third Roman in this triumvirate?' ‘Julius Caesar,’ father replies.”(page 28.)

  • Roman empire--“the three most powerful men in the Roman Empire.”(page 27.)

  • Pharaohs/King-- “I, King Ptolemy XII third daughter, called Cleopatra, and I am 10 years old.” (page 3.)


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