Open House Smore

Use this smore as directions to complete your own smore!!

Earthquakes PBL

Here you will write a brief description of your Earthquakes PBL project (Tony Stark Project)
Please include...
  • Driving Question
  • Your design
  • Include pictures and videos for interview and shaketest

Atmosphere 30 Hands project

You will write a brief description of this project here...
Please include..
  • Pictures from pic collage
  • link to video for 30 hands project (from camera role)

Invention Convention

Brief description with pictures of invention convention.
Please include...
  • What environmental problem does your invention solve
  • How does your invention solve this problem
  • pictures of your project

Optional Extra Credit...

Choose your favorite unit we have done this year and describe here.
Please include...
  • what you liked about the unit
  • what lab/activities did you like
  • pictures from the ISN