By: Julia Bobinet

Themes of My Book Marked

Theme 1:

The first theme I was able to spot out in my book called Marked was, always believe in yourself. The main character Zoey Redbird was a normal girl at her high school. That all changed when a boy from the vampire school, The House of Night came to her high school and ¨marked her¨. Because of her Cherokee heritage she is special and is sent to the school to take down the leader of the club The Dark Daughters. She has to believe in herself no matter what. A quote from her grandmother was ¨Follow what your spirit tells you Zoey Bird¨. Another example of this is when the evil spirits came to a ritual and Zoey was the one who had to fend them off. She had to believe in herself if she wanted to preform a good circle. Another example was, at Zoey's first day at classes, She had to trust herself to trust her friends that they were showing her the right things to do.

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Theme Two:

One of the themes that I was able pick out was, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This theme popped out several times throughout my book. She actually said this when she decided to join the dark daughters. The Dark Daughters are a club that Zoey wants to take over. Another example is when Zoey decided to go to the Dark Daughters ritual even though she didn't want to, but she knew that she had to stay close to Aphrodite if she wanted to take her down. Another example of this theme is when her ex-best friend decided to start liking her boyfriend she decided that she was going to keep her close to find out why she liked him.
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How the Two Themes Relate to Each other

These two themes tie into to each other very well. My first theme that I spotted was always believe in yourself, and the second one I was able to find was keep your friends close but your enemies closer. An example that these two tie into each other is when Zoey had to trust herself to preform a circle to over ride the evil spirits. When she did accomplish this she was able to over ride Aphrodite. Another reason why they fit together is when Zoey trusted her instincts by following the Dark Daughters to the museum she was able to over ride them there. A third example why the two themes are connected is because Zoey realized towards the end of the story that she should have trusted her gut and allowed her friends to tag along to the Dark Daughters ritual. Luckily her friends tagged along anyway and they were able to preform an circle to fend off the evil spirits and save her friends while defeating Aphrodite.