Planning Production

Planning Production

Front Cover Image: Mid shot of Nat holding the guitar looking into the camera.

Main Coverline: Nat is the New Kid on the Block!


§ Foxes Show Off Their New Tunes!

§ The 1975: what happened in the USA?

§ Muse are the new kings of indie!

§ Florence + the Festival Announcement

Contents Page Images: Foxes singing, Foxes Sign, Foxes on stage

Contents Page Text:

Page 3. Contact us

Page 5. Band Practise: Tips for guitarists

Page 17. This months NEW and upcoming artists

Page 23. An exclusive interview with the new Indie star Nat!

Page 29. Behind the scenes of The 1975s all american disaster

Page 31. Foxes reveal their new songs at Manchester gig

Page 37. Why have Muse been crowned the kings of indie?

Page 41. Florence has something to say

Page 43. Jamz

Page 47. Top 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs

Page 53. Gigs near you this month

Page 59. Musical mishaps: Kurt Cobain Edition

Page 65. The Lead Part : This months Top 10 musicians

Page 71. Coupons and Vouchers for your musical needs

Page 73. Contest: Have a chance to win tickets and instruments

Editors Letter: Hello fresh readers! This is the first issue of InTune Magazine. Because we are the new kid in the playground, we would love to hear what you have to say about our magazine. This will help us improve your experience as a reader and allow us to write about what you, the music lovers, want to see.

In this edition, we talk about a load of stuff including appearances from Florence + The Machine, Muse and many more! Not to mention an EXCLUSIVE interview with the fresh faced Nat.

The images in the contents page will be:

§ A long shot of Nat standing with her arms spread out holding a guitar in one hand.

§ A mid-shot of Foxes singing

§ A long shot of an acoustic guitar

The double page spread article will need images of a Foxes concert and an interview with an aspiring musician who reviewed the event. I will need images of the concert, the musician, the stage/set up and finally a picture of the aspiring musician.