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Issue #3

Free Parcel Documents?

Urbville, a game that was once the undisputed king of our spare time is now becoming nothing much more than a memory. Some people say that the reason for its fall is that "It is a Lo-def game with no real objective or story line." others say that "they just need more land!". If you are one of those land hungry people than you will be happy to hear that there has been an update to the game. The update will allow you to send parcel documents (items used to buy land) as gifts to the individuals on your friend list. This will obviously bring new life to the game, but is it enough to distract you from that paper your supposed to be writing?

Be original. Win a Gatorade!

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Last Weeks Winner: Colin Miller

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PS4 V.S. Xbox One Results

After all of the ballets were cast the results are in! Xbox one took home the title of "Best Buy" (According to you). Now the only thing to do is sit back and see who will win the console wars.

Games worth playing

Box Head-

Snakes- can be found in chrome store

Ncage- can be found in chrome store

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