How do animals affect your health?

by: Annie balthazor

What are the benefits of having a pet

if you have a pet there are many benefits in having one. like cats can prevent strokes and dogs can help with lowering your blood pressure. fish can calm you down by watching them swim.

Pets reduce stress

pets really help with stress. just being with your pet for a couple minutes can make you less stressed. they help with stress because when you pet them their fur feels good on your hands. Also petting them makes you happy. Pets also make happier. I know when i am with my pet it makes me happy. like if i am having a bad day my pet always makes me happy and i kind of forget the bad things that have happened. pets also help with depression.

Pets make you more social

Also pets can make people more friendly like if there was a person who was walking down the street and did not have a dog you would not talk to them but if they had a dog you would be more likely to talk to them.

General health benefits

if you grew up with a pet then you tend to have less allergies. you have a healthier hearth if you have a pet. Also pet owner are more trusting, happier and less lonely then people how don't have pets. Pets lower cholesterol.

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