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AVG Drops their Cloud Backup Services; Offers Alternatives

Change is part of any aspect of man, especially when there is something as important as money involved. Yes, you may say that such thinking is shallow, but it is the reality. Change is needed in order to make the best of every opportunity. Once a venture is not going as successfully as you may have thought, it may be high time for change.

AVG just went through the same situation recently, and they did it because they needed to. According to reports, AVG has stopped providing their company’s own cloud backup service which was under the name of LiveKive. They say it was mainly because of bad reviews coming from the public that did subscribe to service. AVG found it better to debunk the brand and focus on what made the company what it is today.

The cloud backup has already been taken down from the company’s website, but users will not be able to upload any additional data into their accounts by April of this year. AVG will be giving subscribers of LiveKive at least 90 days to download all the files that they have uploaded to the site, which gives them until August to do so. Reports added that, specific date of the deletion of all the files will be on August 18, so, do not wait until the eleventh hour before you make a move or else you will regret it.

So, where can current LiveKive users go now that the cloud backup service has been taken down?

You do not need to worry in this case because there are many alternatives in the internet. In fact, some of it you already may know.

SpiderOak is an alternative that you may opt for because it offers the same platform as LiveKive, which has changes that made its functionality better than LiveKive. LiveKive was derived from SpiderOak and that is why this is the best option for those who are not comfortable with using a new system.

DropBox is one of the more popular cloud backup options in the internet. The system only offers 2GB of free storage space, but you have the opportunity to expand the service up to 20GB if you follow certain instructions and through referrals. Instructions could be as simple as using camera backup using your mobile device.

If you are gunning for larger cloud backup storage spaces right at the get go without any sort of hassle, then you might want to go for OneDrive, Comodo cCloud, or Kim Dotcom’s MEGAsync. They offer 7GB, 10GB, and 50GB free storage accordingly. Although the free storage spaces that they offer are high, they have certain limitations.

OneDrive is under the Microsoft Company and though it is the least, at least you are assured of the quality of service you are getting. Comodo cCloud are limited to Windows users and MEGAsync will have limitations related to the bandwidth available for your computer. So, do not expect that you will truly have 50GB.

These services also have paid plans available. So, if you want larger cloud backup storage spaces, then you better look into the plans they have available.

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