2012-2013 Bulldog Tech Challenges

Hylton teachers are encouraged to learn new digital tools.

September 2012 - Prezi

Power up your presentations with prezi. Prezi is a web-based tool that provides the user with a zoomable canvas from which s/he can create a captivating story through the use of text, images, video and sound. The ability to group content, create paths, turn elements upside down, zoom in on important details, and zoom out to see the big picture allows the user to design a journey for the viewers that fosters curiosity and engagement. It is the ultimate presentation tool for the non-linear learner, and its design greatly contrasts with the text-heavy, outline-based methodology of PowerPoint.

October 2012 - GlogsterEDU

Ignite students’ creativity with GlogsterEDU. With the tagline poster yourself, GlogsterEDU transforms traditional posters into glogs. Glogs bring learning alive by seamlessly incorporating multi-media rich elements including: text; images; videos; audio files and custom narration; hyperlinks; and special effects. In addition to the interactive attributes of glogs, students are invited to reveal personal expression in the design and layout used for their glogs. With this type of publishing platform, independent thought is truly fostered as students showcase their learning virtually in a more dynamic and innovative way.

Learn something new everyday.

Nov/Dec 2012 - Digital Storytelling

A modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences and insights.

Here are two great web-based digital storytelling tools:
Animoto: A web-based application that delivers unique photo montages using impressive motion graphics, effects, and transitions from photos and music/audio that you upload.

VoiceThread: A collaborative, multimedia slide show that aggregates images, documents, and videos; allowing the storyteller to navigate slides and leave text or audio comments. VoiceThreads can be shared with others; allowing the viewer to add comments, too.

Chance favors the connected mind.

January 2013 - TodaysMeet

TodaysMeet is a microblogging backchannel that empowers teachers to generate a discussion without the interference of raised hands or student disruption. A backchannel is everything that is going on in a room that does not come directly from the presenter. One of the major benefits of TodaysMeet is that it features a 140-character limit (like Twitter) and an easy-to-use interface. To get started, simply create a room, choose how long to make it active, and share the URL with students. No log-in required!

February 2013 - Discovery Education STREAMING

Discovery Education STREAMING is a digital content library that students and teachers can use inside and outside the classroom. Discovery Education STREAMING provides much more than just video content - it also includes assessment tools, sound effects, songs, images, encyclopedia articles and much more! All of the curriculum resources are downloadable and copyright friendly so students are free to use them for class projects, too! Visit the website listed below, or scan the QR code to view tons of integration strategies.

March 2013 - eMediaVA

eMediaVA is a digital learning repository that is now available to all Virginia educators free of charge. With content for all subjects and grade levels, eMediaVA is a “one-stop shop” for educators and the material is correlated to Virginia’s Standards of Learning. Teachers can also create student accounts, classes, quizzes, assignments and personal playlists, as well as upload and assign their own learning objects. eMedia VA features content from resources like PBS Learning Media, The Smithsonian, NASA, and The National Archives.

Technology integration is about finding the most effective tools to enhance learning and productivity.

April 2013 - Padlet

Padlet is a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device. To get started, sign-up for a free account, create a new wall, and share the URL with students. No student log-in required to participate!

May 2013 - ThingLink

ThingLink is a tool for creating interactive images that help students develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning. Images can include music, video, sound, text, links and more! To get started, sign-up for a free account, upload an image, and begin tagging it! Images can be created or viewed on a computer or tablet!
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June 2013 - Diigo

Do you “favorite” websites on your classroom computer? Ever wish you could access those websites at home, or in another classroom, too? With Diigo, you can access those bookmarks in a variety of ways, on a variety of devices! Diigo is a social bookmarking website that allows you to bookmark and tag web pages, highlight parts of a webpage, and/or annotate them. These bookmarks can be kept private or made public.

Resources, Tutorials and Integration Strategies

You're invited to visit my staff development resource page for more information on each of the tools showcased above: http://goo.gl/MVoLF