Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, March 13, 2015

Individual Reading Goals are Growing

The following students deserve a big HOORAY for moving up on their own personal reading goal. Help me congratulate them for being great readers, working hard each week to read and learn:

  • Leah Pratt
  • Kaden Rosensteel
  • Destiny Franklin
  • Klear Holzheimer

No School March 16-20! See you Monday, March 23rd!

Rainbow Wall is still Growing!

All week long we were testing for report cards. However, in the middle of that hard work, we took a short break on Thursday to see who was ready to move up on the Rainbow Wall. The following students made a move up our rainbow:

  • Pink: Alandria Richardson and Logan Roberts!

Keep up the great work! Remember, don't forget to study past words from time to time. If you "don't use them, you lose them."