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1-19-2016 from your Digital Learning Team

Principal Spotlight: Marsha Perry

W.T. Francisco principal Marsha Perry is a digital learning leader. She equips her staff with best-practice strategies and cutting edge resources to enhance learning. Mrs. Perry models 21st century collaboration and professional learning networks by including coaches, digital learning specialists, and coordinators in the teaching and learning support for her staff. Mrs. Perry recently brought in ELA coordinator Teresa Lawson to inform teachers about Mentoring Minds. Mentoring Minds is a supplemental resource that empowers students to master the standards and to think critically. These resources are available in print and digital versions, allowing teachers to individualize instruction with different delivery methods. Lawson also provided teachers with ideas on how to best integrate and utilize this resource to support the curriculum. This is one example of the many ways Mrs. Perry is utilizing district coaches, specialists and coordinators to support teaching and learning at her campus.

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Want to know more about blended learning?

Click here to go to Blended Learning Cookbook site.

resource site for educators wanting to foster blended learning

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BISD students are engaged in a variety of learning opportunities each day. Visit the Digital Learning Lounge blog to learn more about how teachers are using technology tools and resources that engage students in learning!

Congratulations to all teachers and students highlighted in the Digital Learning News!

Shannon High School: Mrs. Janet Erlinger, online courses

North Oaks Middle School: campus, Flexible Learning Spaces for blended learning

Jack C. Binion, Green Valley, Walker Creek, O.H. Stowe, W.A. Porter, Hardeman, Smithfield, Academy at Carrie F. Thomas: Battle of the Books teams, Zoom videoconferencing

Academy at Carrie Francis Thomas: Mrs. Carly Howerton, Chatterpix

Watauga Middle School: Mrs. Deanna Boyd, Perfect Video on iPads

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And a Preview of Next Week's Questions...

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Elementary Tip of the Week: Kiddle and SimpleMind

A great tool for research is a new kid-friendly safe search site by Google called Kiddle. The search results are filtered for safe and easier to read content.

The iPad app of the week is SimpleMind. SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that turns your iPad into a brainstorming, idea collection, and thought structuring device.

Teacher Tool of the Week: Star Wars in the Classroom!

Star Wars in the Classroom is a site with lesson ideas for teachers of all content areas to use the popular sci-fi films with students. May the Force Be With You.
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Student App of the Week: Star Wars app!

Star Wars app is a mobile app that will connect fans to that popular galaxy far, far away. Chewbacca gives it two thumbs up!
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Kelli Montgomery @KelliM11, Director of Digital Learning

Cheryl McKnight @cherylmck, Coordinator of Digital Learning

Karen Teeters @karenteeters222, Online Learning Specialist

Jennifer Miller @steamlearnlab, Learning Resources Specialist


Jennifer Canizares @jcanny72

Birdville, WT Francisco, Binion, Mullendore, Snow Heights, Porter, Spicer

Toni Dowdy @technologytoni

Smithfield, Cheney, Stowe, Watauga, Foster Village, North Ridge, Walker Creek

Jeff Samuelson @jeff_samuelson

David E Smith, Richland, West Birdville, Holiday Heights, Hardeman, ACFT, Green Valley


Michael Hanson @Hansonits

Haltom HS, Haltom MS, Richland MS, North Ridge MS

Rashel Larson @rashellarson

Birdville HS, BCTAL, Smithfield MS, North Richland MS

Tosh McGaughy @ToshMcGaughy

Richland HS, Shannon HS, North Oaks MS, Watauga MS

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