Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

October 22, 2015

Mission Statement

We, the SHIELDS CAPtains, will participate in advanced learning, continuously grow, and move on to the next grade level, by being responsible, doing our best, working together, and learning from our mistakes.

What's Happening??

  • 10/23 > Fall Festival 6pm
  • 10/23 > Dolphin Dash 5pm
  • 10/27 > PTO Meeting 6:30pm in the library
  • 10/29 > Picture Day Makeup
  • 10/30 > 5th Grade Field Trip (Mrs. Drummond is the contact)
  • 10/30 > PBS Celebration
  • 11/11 > NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day
  • 11/17 > PTO Meeting 6:30pm in the library


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Writing and Rubrics

We've been so busy trying to fit our reading and math in, we haven't really had much time to focus on writing before this week. Most of the students writing is published on their blogs, but we have also used the site to participate in some writing as well.

This week we dug out the narrative writing rubrics that will be used to score any narrative writing pieces. The rubric grades four criteria:

  1. Reading and Research (using text evidence and credible sources)
  2. Development (DETAILS, DETAILS, AND MORE DETAILS that are showing, not just telling)
  3. Organization (introduction, paragraphs in the body, and conclusion
  4. Language and Conventions (spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation)

We discussed the writing expectations for narrative pieces, reviewing the rubric together. Then the students practice scoring two writing pieces using the rubric. After they scored their pieces, then I scored it too. The rubrics should be coming home tomorrow and the students can show you their writing pieces.

Throughout the year, the students will write narrative, informative, and argumentative pieces.

Endangered Animals and a Trip to the Libary

We need your help!!

Students are completing an independent project about an endangered animal. They have chosen their animal and are researching during reading RtI time. I would like students to use at least one book and one website for their research. Some students have been able to find books in our school library, but some have not. If there is anyway you may be able to take your child to the public library to look for a book that would be wonderful! I told them that if they could not get there by next week to let me know and I would see about ordering them a book to use.

Skype in the Classroom

This week we were able to connect with Mr. Mills Class in Canada to talk about "Fish in a Tree." The students have enjoyed reading the book and love that they can connect to another class to participate in a book discussion. We are also tweeting with Mr. Mill's class through our @TuttlesTechies account. It is very exciting to be able to use technology to connect with a class in another classroom!
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Class Blogs

We've been practicing our writing skills as we started our blogs. Check them out!


Multiplication & Minecraft

So we did not get quite as far as I hoped with our multiplication this week! We will continue working with arrays a strategy to help us with multiplication and division. I'm also hoping to get Minecraft on our iPads because there are many ways students can create arrays within the game. Feel free to check out the movie below for a quick example of how students could use the game they love to practice math too!



Thank you for linking up to your child's ClassDojo account. This program allows you and I to message each other. Yesterday, I sent a group message about our noise level so hopefully everybody received that. I heard back from a few parents so I know it at least got to some of you. I must say that today we were also much quieter lining up!!

I will be using this app to share Thursday notes about your individual child's behavior for the week. If you are not receiving any messages and want to, let me know and we can troubleshoot together. I have never used this program before, but have heard only positive things about it so thought I would give it a try. The students seem to be enjoying it in class.

Hopefully we will get our reward system set up soon so we can begin turning in points for some fun rewards!

Parent Conferences

Thank You!

Thank you to all the families who attended our first round of Student Led Conferences. WOW! We had 18 conferences in one night. I was VERY impressed in how the students conducted themselves. I saw some excellent leaders! I enjoyed walking around the room and hearing the students sharing everything they've worked on. I could hear the pride in their voices! I hope that you all enjoyed the experience.

Service Learning Project

October is Bullying Prevention Month

The CAP students are creating campaigns to share with Shields students on how they can help to stop bullying in our school community. We have groups creating iMovies, raps, skits, comics, acrostic poems and more. The goal is to teach people who to be positive so that bullying will become obsolete! The groups will be posting our presentations on our YouTube class page to share. They will also be creating posters to display through the school.

Volunteers are needed so please click on the link below to see if there is a time that would work for you!

Classroom Needs

Thank you for sending in baggies and sticky notes! We are set up for now. I'll update this part of the newsletter as items are needed!
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