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Week 1

This week was great week because we did all the work we had to do.We started our first action to do a bake sale for the grade 2 we also know our lines of inquiry and that is great.By my self I did the hole form question in french I'm nearly done we are also going to interview the C.S.S.S. to answer more question. We even did a hole questioner.

week 2

This week was a great week because we got done our form and function question we also started to think of our next step to our action. We also got lodes of help from our homeroom teacher and our mentor.

We were a bite late on our other questions but we man edge to finish them and start our next action to show the C.S.S.S. our appreciation and respect.

After this crazy week we we are starting to see what we are going to get the prices for our second action. Laila's mom also emailed Nivea and Dove to see if they would be kind enough to donate some free sample for the C.S.S.S.