My Beastly poems

By: Rebekah

Help Me - Personification

Sun, Show me the way.

Fire, Rember to warm everyone.

Morning, Search for me in in the medow.

Stars, Dance like angels

Night , Listen to my dreams!

Moon, Take away my fears.

Stone, Tell me who I am

Sea, Guide me to you.

Friday- Similes and Metaphors

Ah, the football game
I looked around to find my friends.
It's as hard as finding a needle in a hay stack.
when we see each other we put purple in our hair,
get MT. Dew and popcorn and nachos and more
we go and watch the stampede which is the football palyers

when they run onto the field.

We were a bullhorn running and laughing.

The crowds cheering and yelling "We won!" The players are so happy and so are the coaches!


Cotton Candy- Imagery Poem

At the park we hear kids scream
25 Cent cotton candy!
Me and my friend my friend and me
We race and scream yippee!
Finaly we got there as happy as can be.
We slap down a quarter and say, "two please."
He's making a warm new batch of cotton candy.
It's fluffy as a cloud and bule as the sky.
It melts in my mouth and sugary, sweet as can be.
It's so super yummy my friend looks so silly
with a cotton candy mustashe on his cheek.
Now its's all gone and I'm sad
so I eat some more and I know that was bad.

Dave the Dog- Alliteration

Dave the dog did doodles all day

Ditching doggy day care.

Deena doodly-drop ditched too.