Surveillance Cameras in Public Area

Should we have Cameras in Public Space ?

Cameras are Good for Public Space

  • 63 % say we should have Surveillance cameras in public space.
  • 37 % say we should not have surveillance cameras in public space.

Why Cameras are Good

  • We can see and protect the innocent people who are just outside.
  • It is another way to protect our property and preventing crimes.

Why Cameras are Bad

  • It is a waste of tax payers. People pay taxes to get this cameras that don't do a thing.
  • Places are starting to put cameras in changing rooms that is against our privacy.
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My True Opinion

What i think is that we should have surveillance cameras in public spaces, like a parking lot, a mall and stores. Where we shouldn't put surveillance is in restrooms or changing rooms. That is were they break our privacy.
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