Britain History


What was life like?

Life expectancy was way shorter than it is today. If you lived to 40 years or older you were considered old. Cities were filthy and had a lower life expectancy compared to the country. In the country, people grew food to provide for them and their families. They also sold things they produced. People feared getting a disease or getting robbed or murdered. Catholic was the main religion.

What were some inventions during that time?

The Compound Microscope was invented in 1590. Another invention was the telescope in 1608. The last big invention was the barometer in 1643.

Above are events that happened during Shakespeares life

Who were the rulers during that time?

Rulers were Edward VI, Jane, Mary I, and Elizabeth I from the House of Tudor. James I and Charles I from the House of Stuart also ruled.

Fun Facts

  • The British Civil war happened from 1642-1651
  • Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday in 1616