UBUNTU Celebration 2015

It is getting closer...

Hello presenters & performers!

I hope you are ready for UBUNTU. The Cary Academy community is very excited and pleased that you are coming to share your time and talent with our students.

When And Where?

Wednesday, Oct. 16th 2013 at 12:30pm

1500 N Harrison Ave

Cary, NC

A couple of important notes:

We ask that all presenters/performers arrive by 12:30 which will give you 15 minutes to set up before the first workshop. You can arrive earlier, but please let Sara Mizelle know so that she can meet you. The first session runs from 12:45-1:30, and the second session runs from 1:35-2:20. Please plan to have an early and hearty lunch before you arrive!

Please check in at the MIDDLE SCHOOL when you arrive, and someone will meet you in the office (first right when you enter). Please park in the parking lot to the right of the Middle School (if you are facing the Middle School). Look for signs that say “event” or “reserved” parking. If you want to pull up near the front door to unload things, that's fine, but please move your car to a parking space after unloading.

There will be a Cary Academy faculty member in the workshop to enjoy your presentation and to help in case of a problem or emergency.

There may be people taking pictures or videotaping during your workshop. If that is a problem for you, please let Sara know!

If you’re using a computer or any other technology, we’ll have one of our wonderful IS staff, Kevin Rokuskie, on hand to help. It might be wise to have your presentation saved on your computer and on a jump drive. Kevin has reviewed your tech requests and will be ready to help you Wednesday.

Students will be wearing buttons indicating the language that they study (French, Chinese, Spanish, or German). If you speak one of these languages, please take a button when you check in and wear it proudly. Look for your "button" as you present and be sure to greet and converse when possible and appropriate in that language with students wearing your button. Our focus is on the four languages taught at Cary Academy. We know many of you speak other beautiful languages. Please let students know what languages you speak!

If you plan to have food/drink samples, please avoid nuts when possible as we have several students with allergies. Please let students know if something you serve contains nuts.

Sara will email you Tuesday with the number of students in each workshop.

If you need to contact Sara on Wednesday, please call the school at (919) 677-3873 and ask to speak with Cindy Laughlin or Kathy Riley who can find her. Or, try her cell phone (919) 923-3430.

You are invited to attend the finale of our Ubuntu Celebration - African American Dance Ensemble - in the theater from 2:25-3:10.

If appropriate, wear authentic dress to further emphasize and celebrate your culture.

Don't hesitate to contact Sara if you have any questions! Keep in mind that Middle School students learn well with interactive, creative, dynamic presentations. They’re smart and interested and enjoy “doing” and talking. In your introduction, please try to include how your workshop fits into the idea/philosophy of Ubuntu (see the top of our webpage for an explanation).


12:00 - 12:40 Set up for Workshops

Presenters, please arrive by 12:30.

12:45 - 1:30 Session 1

1:35 - 2:20 Session 2

2:25 - 3:10 Performance

We're going to have great day!