Gateway Arch

By Josh Fink and Myles Paschall

Gateway Arch- St. Louis Missouri

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Standard Form: F (X) = 0.0208333x^2 + 4x

Vertex Form: F (X) = (X - 96) ^2 + 192

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-What does the height of water leaving the spout represent? The Y intercept

-At the spot where the water hits the tray, what is the relevance to the equation? The water hitting the tray represents the root and maximum domain of the equation.

-What is the maximum height of the water? 4 units

-How far away from the spout is the water when it reaches this maximum height? 4 units away from the spout

-What is the domain related to the distance the water is from the spout? {0,8}

-What is the range related to the height of the water? {0,4}