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Waste plastic industry and a seductive woman

There are such a group of women in the world admire:

I believe they don't sugar daddy, not to marry into a wealthy family, because they are giants.

I believe they have a hot body, beautiful face, it can rely on face to eat but with strength.

There they got on the hall, got under the kitchen, when to be a good wife, good mother.

Your first of all, their economic independence and independent personality, independent thinking, emotional independence, they lost, lost, cried, but never fear.

They are not there when the princess's life, but there is a queen of hearts!

INTCO is an Styrofoam Recycling Specialist, providing total solution to EPS recycling and polystyrene recycling.

INTCO manufactures and sells GREENMAX EPS Compactors/Densifiers and Recycling machines/System, purchases back compressed EPS scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.

In 2012, INTCO recycles 50,000 tons of waste EPS, which helps save 4,000,000 trees and reduce 100,000 tons of carbon emission. INTCO becomes one of the biggest waste EPS end-user and recycler in the world.

Established in 2008, GM compactor was originally designed for EPS compacting only. As a base model, GM APOLO series was launched into the market specifically for EPS since GM brand was established. With 6 years' accumulative innovation, current APOLO can process most PS foams including EPS, XPS and PSP. More, some new series of machines are produced gradually to handle more PS foams. The following are our different series of machines.

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