Traveling Through History

Archimedies/ The Industrial Revolution USA

Archemides and Mathmatics.

Archemides is a famous scientist and mathematician who invented most of the math methods we use today. According to, Archemdies proved that exponents could be used to make bigger numbers than thought of when Archemides was alive. He also discovered and proved the formulas for the volume and surface area of a circle.

Hassan states that Archimedes found out what pi is. Archemides also invented how to find density. Most of a Archimedes math methods resembled integral calculus. Archemdies also discovered most of the modern math formulas we use today.

The Industrail Revolution

The Industrail Revolution is when most modern items we use now were invented. says that communication was became easier with the invention of the telegraph. The Industrail Revolution also had the steam engine invented which led to the steam automotive and the steamship. Soon, the power loom was invented to help make weaving cloth easier.