Mining and fracking

Colton Bradshaw and Jack Wilkes

Surface vs. Subsurface

The main difference is surface mining takes place without going underground, and subsurface mining uses tunnel to get or from deep within the crust.


Strip mining is digging deep rows of trenches parallel to one another.

The result is the dirt and rock removed just sits in piles making the land unusable.

Open pit

A way to get ore with an open pit on the surface.

The impact on the environment is an open pit that can be dangerous and not useful.

Mountain top removal

This process involves taking the top portion off a mountain to obtain any ores inside.

This process results in leftover dirt and rocks which the mining companies dump into nearby valleys destroying the environment below.


Access ore underground with sloping shafts.

The leftover shafts can collapse.


Drift mine acces ore underground with horizontal shafts

A hazard if anyone goes in an abandon one.


A shaft mine is a hole straight down to access an desired ore.

Humans or animals could fall in the hole of an abandon one if not covered properly.


Fracking- Drilling and injecting high pressure fluid into the ground to fracture rocks to release natural gas.

Effects- Methane gas and toxic chemicals leak out of the system and contaminate nearby groundwater. People still drink the water and it causes damage to people's health. Harmful VOCs are also released into the air which causes ozone, acid rain, and contaminated air