City Yoga Lessons

Media awareness

Things you shouldn't do while on the internet.

  • never give out your passwords
  • don't talk to people you don't know
  • always be nice to people
  • don't tell people your address


If you bully someone you get in big trouble.

You could also hurt the person you bullied.

There are many ways you can bully someone,

so you have to watch what you say.

Social media

Social media is stuff like twitter, Instagram, Facebook , Myspace, you-tube and a bunch more, but these are the main ones used. social media is a way people meet new people and allows you to see new stuff everyday


If you give your password out to anyone they could post bad things or comment on one of your friends post and say mean things.Then your friend would think it was you and they wouldn't want to be friends with you anymore.

Real friends and fake ones

You all have friends that you see everyday ,but their are people you see on the internet that you want to be your friend and you press accept cause they seem like a nice person. Most of the time these people are trying to bully you. That's why you should only friend people you know. if you do follow a person like that then you should either unfriend and or block the person