The Eagles' Nest

November 2016

From the Desk of Principal Reddish...

Dear Eagleville Families,

Two months into the school year, and we are finishing our first marking period! I can’t believe we are nearing the end of the year 2016. The children continue to work extremely hard, and examples of their work adorn the walls of classrooms and hallways. We’ve been working hard on building every student every day with differentiated instruction. We also had an assembly on last Monday to review character and conduct expectations during which students learned about bullying and the importance of showing kindness toward others.

November is a busy month! We will be hosting our Veterans Day assembly on November 11th at 9:45AM, which promises to be a delightful time. We are also planning to have parent/teacher conferences on November 22nd and 23rd. Please send back your forms to schedule both your conference and your visit on Parent Visitation Day (November 15) during American Education Week. We encourage you to attend conferences to discuss how your child is progressing and enjoy time visiting your child’s class!

There are several updates for this month. Lobbyguard, our new security system that replaced Raptor, is up and running. All visitors and volunteers will need their driver’s license to sign into Lobbyguard when visiting the building. We also have our Internet Café up and running. There are now ten laptops in the cafeteria for students to use to practice skills when they finish enjoying their lunch. Finally, we are excited to have beautiful new cafeteria tables with individual seating.

Fall is definitely upon us, and the weather has been unseasonably warm with a few chilly days. Please monitor the weather and make sure your child wears a jacket when needed. The students go outside for recess daily, weather permitting, and they are not permitted to re-enter the building once they go outside. So, please equip your child by insisting he/she dresses warmly. Also, please put your child’s name inside his/her jacket, so it can be returned if it is misplaced. Reminder - Lost and Found is conveniently located in the lobby.

Finally, I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Please contact Mrs. Cramer, our school nurse ( if you are in need of any holiday help as we enter the holiday season. Cherish the time with your family! Take care!

Your partner in education,


Dr. Zanthia Reddish, Principal


Eagleville Learned about Character and Conduct for Anti-bullying Awareness Month!

Click BELOW to check out the Powerpoint presentation.

Click BELOW to view the video we shared about TATTLING VS. TELLING

Building Every Student Every Day Requires a Growth Mindset!

Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset has become a very popular concept in education circles. The work of Dr. Carol Dweck encourages us to focus on growth as opposed to fixed abilities. This is most apparent when we consider the power of the word "yet" as in "You aren't able to complete that task YET." It's a powerful word. As educators begin to learn more about growth mindset, it can help to explore your own beliefs and mindsets. No one is completely growth oriented and in fact, having fixed mindsets in certain circumstances might actually be of benefit. Consider taking this survey from Dweck herself to see where you fall on the continuum.

For more about Growth Mindset, check out Dweck's book Mindset.