19th Century

Industrial And Transportation Changes

Improvements In Transportation

During the 1800's, changes in transportation were happening in speed and convenience. For example, the two main ways of transportation were the railroad and steamboat. More than 500 steamboats were being used to carry goods and people across the Atlantic. By 1860, there were 30,000 miles of railroad that connected major cities. This caused the economy and cities to grow.

Manufacturing And Industry

During the 1800's industry in the north was growing. This new era introduced factories with new machines with certain jobs produing items to be sold in other places. Before the 19th century it was a long process to make textiles. Then with new technology and business men, they made mills and factories along steams. With the new growth in mills and factories, they needed more workers so they started hiring women which gave them new oppuntunies.

Working Conditions

During the 19th century, factories were introduced producing textiles, which gave oppunitunities to women to have jobs and independence. The biggest mill was built in Lowell, Massachusetts which employed women from farm families and unmarried women. These women soon became known as the Lowell girls. Working Conditions weren't always favorable in the mill, most workers got injured on the job or suffered fatalities. Sometimes people got injured by the machines or by accidents.