top 5

favorite vacations of 2013

New Orleans Louisiana


New Orleans Louisiana was on my list because it had a lot of museums that i loved. Some that I went to is insectatarium , aquarium, and Audubon zoo. They were fun to look at.



Mississippi is on my list because they have great lakes to go fishing and have great pools to go swimming. I also like there hotels because there beds are so comfy that when I lay on it I will fall asleep in a snap.

Huntsville alabama


Huntsville Alabama was on my list because my cousin was getting married and she asked my sister and I to be flower girls and we said yes. After we got there they had parks and zoos that were really fun.

Atlanta Georgia


Atlanta Georgia is on my list because they have wonderful zoos and fountains . I love the lights at night especially the fountain lights. They have great animals my favorites are tigers, lions, and spider monkeys.

Orlando Florida


Orlando Florida is on my list because it is one of my favorite places to visit with my family. There is so much to do there like Disney, Universal and Sea World.