David's zoo

Zoo brochure for David's zoo!

What you can do at our zoo

You can see our animals. You can also stop at our food court, if you and your family are hungry. We also have a gift shop, where you can buy accessories to support our zoo. You may also donate to endangered animal funds.

Our Exhibits

We have a Tiger exhibit, a Panda exhibit, a Koala exhibit, a Rhino exhibit, and a Kangaroo exhibit.

How I used math for my project

In my project, I made habitats that had 2 combined shapes. I used the trapezoid formula

[(B1+B2)/2]h for the trapezoids, and for the squares, I used lw. For triangles, I used

(hxl)X0.5. For all the exhibits, I combined the shapes together, such as triangles and rectangles.