Highly Effective Students

Chris. F

My habits Now

I don't stay focused and get tired easily and most of the time i won't study at all.The main reason i wont study is because i get bored with it so i will doze off and sleep or just quit in general.

Top 5 Study habits

1.Managing your time allows for better understanding.

2.Identifying how you learn increases you odds of remembering.

3.Study outside to lower the boredom levels.

4.Staying organized allows you to find stuff more easily.

5.Try different methods and see what works best for you.

Top 3 Study habits

My Future

After i graduate in may i am enlisting in the Air Force to do Security Forces.The major requirements is a high school diploma and at least a 32 on the ASVAB test.You must also pass a standardized background check depending on job and clearance. The reason i'm enlisting is because it kind of a family tradition for males in family since WWII every male has served in any all branches.
America’s Future | U.S. Air Force (TV Commercial)