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Mrs. Kamal's Reading Class

This week, students participated in several different discussions and activities around determining the point of view. As a class, we focused on three different types of point of view; first person, third person omniscient, and third person limited. Students have been reading different types of texts, both fiction and nonfiction, from different points of view. Along with reading texts, students participated in different discussions around how the author’s point of view and perspective can influence how the events of a text are told. We will be continuing to work on determining the point of view and perspective next week as we start our first novel, Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler Students will be reading this novel both in class and out of class, as some readings and activities will be assigned for homework. This novel can be part of your child’s nightly reading log as well. This week , students are responsible for reading up to Chapter 5 (page 67). They will answer three questions that are written in their composition books. We are also starting to learn about Literature Circle Roles. The first role we will be practicing is ILLUSTRATOR. Students will be responsible for drawing a picture based on their weekly reading AND writing a 4-6 sentence description explaining their picture.


Students took their first Social Studies test on Geography this week. Next, we will be diving into United States history, starting with why Europeans left for the New World, leading into the early English settlements. Students will be participating in a small, in school project focusing on the three early settlements; Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth.

Weekly Homework:

Each week students will be responsible for a current event. They will need to find an article (on any topic of their choice, excluding entertainment and sports). They will then be responsible for completing a task with the article. The tasks will change weekly, depending on the skill we are focusing on in Reading/Language Arts. We are currently using a FQR format. Students are expected to read a CURRENT event article and then identify three facts, ask 2 questions and write one response. PLEASE MAKE SURE STUDENTS ARE READING A CURRENT EVENT AND SUBMIT THE ACTUAL ARTICLE OR LINK TO THE ARTICLE.


We have had another great week at at Elkins Park School. Students had a chance to visit the book fair this week. If you have not done so already, please send in your child’s permission slip and proof of payment for the Franklin Institute Field Trip, which will be taking place on Friday, November 4th. If you are not able to print out the proof of payment- you can email me a copy of the confirmation of payment email. Remember- if you want to must have your clearances submitted to the district and you must pay for your self online.

You should of received the following important information in last week's Friday Folder

  • School Picture Forms (Picture Day is Friday, October 28th)

  • Online Book Fair Information