Team 4 Cornelia News

February 20, 2013

News You Can Use

  • Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey about your child's experience in fourth grade this year. Your feedback is important to us as we plan for your child's academic and social success. Click here.

  • Cornelia’s spring parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for Thursday, March 7 from 4:20- 8:00 PM and for Friday, March 8 from 8:00- 4:00 PM. Spring conferences are optional. Sometimes parents feel that it is not necessary to schedule a conference because they are up to date with their child’s progress. Click here to schedule a conference online.

  • Mark your calendars for the upcoming fourth grade music performance on Wednesday, March 27 @ 10:00 - 10:30 am in the gymnasium. Students will be demonstrating what they have learned this year in Ms. Lunde's music class. Everyone is welcome to attend!

  • Thank you to the fourth grade room parents who provided a snack for our Valentine's Day party last week. We appreciate you!

Math Updates by Mrs. Carlson & Ms. Gesme

  • We are currently working in Unit 7. This unit is a review of fraction ideas previously introduced, and extends knowledge by developing a good understanding of equivalent fractions. Unit 7 also provides informal activities related to chance and probability. Unit 7 has four main areas of focus:

  1. Review fractions as parts of a whole (ONE), fractions on number lines, and uses of fractions.
  2. Guide students as they order fractions and find fractional parts of sets and regions.
  3. Provide practice identifying equivalent fractions.
  4. Review basic ideas of probability, comparing predicted and actual results, and guiding the application of fractions to chance experiments.

  • Fraction Lessons: videos

  • Fraction of problems: video

Reading Updates by Mrs. Laven

  • This week, we are starting a 3-week science fiction novel study. Each day, students will read, discuss, and write about their reading. Our reading standards include describing characters, setting, and events; summarizing, identifying themes, and participating in small group book discussions. Click here to learn more about these novels.

  • Spellingcity assignments are due February 27. There will be no new word study assignments for the next three weeks.

  • Book Brochures are due Monday, March 4.

Reading Updates by Mr. Erickson

  • Roald Dahl's classic book James and the Giant Peach is the subject of our first shared literature study this year. We read the novel together each day and students meet once a week in a small group to discuss the story and share their assigned work. Members of each group take turns summarizing the story, describing a character by finding "evidence" in the text, and defining unfamiliar words by using the context of the text. Each Reader's Workshop group work can be found here: Reader's Workshop #1 Reader's Workshop #2

  • Even though your child did not have a reading homework project due this month, she/he is expected to read a text of her/his choice for at least 20-30 minutes each day. There will be reading homework assigned for March.