Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 4-11-16

Welcome Back!

Welcome back from spring/winter break. The first week was beautiful and I was able to get some golf in, play outside with my kids, and do some outdoor projects. And then of course winter came back and put a damper on everything. But it was still great to spend time with family and friends and get to relax.

I hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy their break. Now we return and make the final push with only 35 days left! It will be a jam packed 35 days with ISTEP, NWEA, Flex Day, planning a new middle school, MakerSpace Day, and End of Year activities.


During collaboration you will have a time to collaborate with your departments. 8th grade ELA and SS are wanting to collaborate to discuss an upcoming cross curriculum unit.

Team Leader Meeting

Monday the 18th is our next team leader meeting. During this time we will be discussing finals, 8th grade laptop collection, end of year activities, and setting dates aside for 1/2 day team collaboration meetings.

Talk with your team leader about any suggestions or items that need to be discussed on the 18th.


Just a reminder of the upcoming ISTEP testing dates.

We will start testing on Thursday 21st and will go until the next Thursday. As with the past testing we need everyone in attendance on these dates. We will be running a 2 hour delay schedule on these days. More details to come in the following days and next week collaboration.


Monday- Cain out am- Athletic Director Meeting

Tuesday- Deming and Cain out am- Admin Meeting

Wednesday- Deming out all day- Indiana Principal Leadership Institute

Thursday- Deming out all day- Job Fair Interviews

Friday- Deming at architect meetings