The Outsiders

Nathaly M.

1. Man Down

Johnny and Ponyboy can relate to this song when Johnny killed Bob. After Ponyboy woke up to find a traumatized Johnny, they went into shock and decided to skip town to avoid jail. However, at the church they couldn't believe what they have done.

Story: "Johnny looked around, slapping his pockets nervously. "We gotta get outta here. Get somewhere. Run away.The police'll be here soon." (Chapter 4)

Lyrics: I know it wasn't right

I can't even sleep at night
Can't get it off my mind
I need to get out of sight
Before I end up behind bars

What started out as a simple altercation
Turns into a real sticky situation
Me just thinking on the time that I'm facing
Makes me wanna cry

Rihanna Man Down Lyrics

2.Count on Me

"Count on Me" by Bruno Mars is a great song to describe the relationship between Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally. When Johnny and Ponyboy were in serious need of help, Dally was there for them. Dally gave the boys everything they needed to skip town.

Story: "Dally appeared after a minute. He carefully shut the door. "Here"--- he handed us a gun and a roll of bills--- "the gun's loaded." (Chapter 4)

Lyrics: If you ever find yourself in the dark and you can't see, I'll the light to guide you... You can count on me like one, two, three, I'll be there

Count On Me - Bruno Mars

3. Enseñame a Olvidar- Show Me to Forget You

Sodapop can definitely relate to this song due to his recent sweetheart moving away and leaving him heartbroken. Sodapop loved Sandy very much and wanted to marry her, but she didn't love him back. He was devastated when he received the letter that he wrote to Sandy as "returned unopened".

Story:Story: "You going to take Sandy to the party?" I asked, just to be saying something. Instant silence. I looked around. "What's the deal?"

Sodapop was staring at his feet, but his ears were reddening. "No. She went to live with her grandmother in Florida."
"How come?"
...I had been in on bull sessions and his bragging was as loud as anyone's. But never about Sandy. Not ever about Sandy." (Chapter 7)

Spanish:Si me enseñaste a querer,

también enséñame a olvidar
esto que siento.
Porque eres tú niña querida,
la mujer a quien yo amo
y a quien quiero.

English:If you taught me to love,

also teach me to forget
what I feel
because you are, dear girl,
the woman I love and want

Enseñame a Olvidar - Aventura (translation)

4.Written in the Stars

Johnny's parents could care less about him, but when he was in the hospital with serious burns, his mother decided to finally take responsibility. She believed that she had a right to the son that she never loved.

Story: "Two-Bit's eyes got narrow and I was afraid he was going to start something. I don't like to hear women get sworn at, even if they deserve it. "No wonder he hates your guts," Two-Bit snapped. He was going to tell her off real good, but I shoved him along. I felt sick. No wonder Johnny didn't want to see her. No wonder he stayed overnight at Two-Bit's or at our house, and slept in the vacant lot in good weather." (Chapter 8)

Lyrics: I used to be the kid that no one cared about
That's why you have to keep screaming til they hear you out

Tinie Tempah - Written in the Stars ft. Eric Turner [Clean Version] (With Lyrics)

5.Beat It

This Micheal Jackson song best describes how both the Socs and Greasers were feeling during the rumble. Each group wanted to win, but only one could come on top. Fortunately, the Socs decided to run and the Greasers finally won.

Story: "Finally he kicked me in the head so hard it stunned me, and I lay limp, trying to clear my mind and keep from blacking out. I could hear the racket, but only dimly through the buzzing in my ears. Numerous bruises along my back and on my face were throbbing, but I felt detached from the pain, as if it wasn't really me feeling it.

"They're running!" I heard a voice yell joyfully. "Look at the dirty--- run!" (Chapter 9)

Lyrics: You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare

They'll kick you, then they beat you,
Then they'll tell you it's fair
So beat it, but you want to be bad

Just beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it
No one wants to be defeated

Michael Jackson Beat it Lyrics