An Introduction To Dress

An Introduction To Dress Code And Its Varieties

An Introduction To Dress Code And Its Varieties

Evolution in fashion has led to many changes in style and its role in the society. Previously fashion was something that was only worn by the models. The records in history even prove the fact that style of clothing was a notable symbol to distinguish between different periods. And, moreover, it depended on the various factors, which consisted of geographical factors, physical attributes and social guidelines. But now it has its influence on the commoners as well. Most importantly you will see its varied usages, which signify various workplaces decorum. There were even clothing styles, which were worn by both men and women. But most were dresses, which was gender specific.

With the evolution of society, clothing styles have also evolved into something, which you call at present the dress code. Now the question arises what this term means. Many of you quite unknowingly follow this rule. The written and sometimes the unwritten facts about clothing are said to be as dress codes. Similarly, to clothing it has social significance. For example, when you are attending a party, it is quite obvious that you wear something that is informal until and unless it is a business meeting. Consequently, at your workplace, you will wear formal outfit rather than going total casual. The codes also signify, dressing for various occasions or purposes.

It is a notion that is well known that you can achieve anything if you dress for it. Well, the fact is quite true. For an outfit that you are wearing has effect on your psychology. It helps you to get a better perspective of life aim better and enjoy better. In the context of the workplace, the formal business attire holds great significance. It not only sets the tone for employees, but also helps represent the company to the outside world. Moreover, it influences the customer and makes the right impressions on them most importantly when you are hosting a client meeting. On the aesthetic grounds, the workplace formals are meant to groom the employees and set the expectation.

Apart from workplace outfits, there is also another dress code that is worth mentioning. They are the casuals. The motif of this dress is purely to give the wearer the feel of leisure and comfort. Though more or less every outfit is designed with the prime purpose of comfort and the casual wear can be one of the best examples of it. At present, a slightly modified version of the casuals is available in the market, which is called as smart casual. Be it an informal or beach party or even an adventure trip, this type of clothing is perfect to relax with friends and family.

These are few various types of clothing styles that are widely prevalent in the modern world. But as you know that fashion is ever changing and ever evolving, so there are chances in the future for these dress codes to evolve as much with the mindset of the consumers and fashion designers, not to forget. Casual attire at the workplace is a slight example of fashion changing. As workplace were meant only for formal ones, but evolution has made a place for casuals in the workplace dress codes as well.