Crescent| A Helium 3 Novel

Book 2,By Homer Hickam

What is Crescent?

Logos-Crescent is a science fiction book about a boy named Crater. He has fought in many battles but, this battle might change his life. Crater Captures a crowhopper, A genetically modified mercenary programmed for warfare; the crowhopper turns out to be a girl. He is surprised that he actually enjoys her company. Colonel Meadrias, the first man to start mining helium 3 on the moon says that Crescent murdered a deputy. The colonel does not let Crater prove his evidence, and when he finally does the colonel has already sent out Crescent to the suck. An endless dusty land. Will they be able to hide from Colonel Meadrias and the crowhoppers? Find out in Crescent.

The Problem (Spoiler Alert)

Logos,Pathos-The problem is that crater assaulted someone to try and rescue crescent, and if he comes back to moon town he will be convicted. Colonel Meadrias,a vile,selfish man who will do anything to get what he wants. will be pulling his strings for the rest of his life, do not worry he finds a place to live in the endless dust and evades capture.

Favorite Part

Pathos-My favorite part was when they met their dead parents and the first astronauts to be in space, he has an emotional talk with people that he looked up to or loved; this one scene is what made this book more interesting and worthwhile. My recommendation is a 4.9 star, this is another book by the author of bestseller Rocket Boys also another amazing book.

Why its good

Ethos-I have read many and many books but by far this is probably one of the best books because mixes in a lot of aspects and genres,it also leaves you with a cliffhanger when Crescent tells Crater that she was also programmed to die.You can trust me when it comes to books, I am what you call a bookworm, people that read a lot and sometimes for many hours or even days.