An Interview With Ms. Haefeli

Mariah Johnson


Ms. Haefeli grew up in North Texas and went to Keller High School. She furthered her education and went to college at Texas Christian University, graduating with a bachelor of science. Her first and current teaching assignment is being an A/V teacher in Keller High's A/V department.

Different Aspects of Job


Duties associated with job

"Lots of grading and planning. You also have to learn new and different things to teach to students."

Day in the life of a teacher

-Get to school

-Organize lesson plans

-Welcome students

-Teach materials

-Answer students questions and help them with projects

-Shut down technology

-Go Home

"During free time in my day, I am grading projects and planning curriculum."

Hours per Week

40 hours

Biggest Challenges

"Planning fun activities and lesson for three different classes."

Biggest Rewards

"Seeing students being successful and applying skills learned in my class on other projects."

On a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest, how much self-motivation is needed in this job?


Advice to someone pursuing teaching

"Do it, it's fun. It is a lot of work but it is worth it."


Mrs. Haefeli seems to really enjoy her job and have a passion for AV production and photography.