Greek Mythology

By Sir Johnson

Who is involved in Greek Mythology

There are many people and gods involved in Greek Mythology. There are over 100 Greek Gods involved in Greek Mythology. There are twelve main gods or Olympians. There are three main gods, Zeus the god of the sky, Hades the god of the Underwold, and Poseidon the god of the Ocean. Before the gods there were titans, the leader of the Titans was Chronus the titan of time. A prophecy said that his kids would take his throne so for protection he swallowed his children. One kid escaped and killed his father. His name was Zeus. There where also heroes. Heroes usually did something great like fight in a masive

war or slay a great beast. Though today heroes are usually defined as someone who does something dangerous to help another person then Greek Heroes wouldn't apply. Greek Heroes where usually selfish and only did the deed to get fame and or fortune. Though some Heroes where ordinary people most where the sons or daughters of Gods.

The Greek Gods

Where was Greek Mythology centered around

Greek mythology was mainly centered around Mt.Olympus in Greece. Mt.Olympus was where the top Greek Gods live. These Gods where called the Olympians. All though Greek Mythology was centered around Mt.Olympus there where other places heavily influenced by Greek Mythology. One example is Athens. Legend says that Poseidon tried to claim Athens but Athena came to the rescue. The gods decided to judge by the present that each of the two gods gave to Athens. Poseidon gave Athens a saltwater spring and Athena gave Athens an olive tree. The gods voted and it was declared that Athena won.

The Top 3 Greek Gods

The Olympians

What was involved in Greek Mythology

There where many monsters in Greek Mythology. Some examples are Cerberus the three headed dog and the Cyclops giant one eyed monsters. Some monsters where bad but some where good like the Cyclops who helped the Greek gods and the Hippocampus the royal steed of Poseidon.

When did Greek Mythology Happen

Greek Mythology began around 2000 B.C. and ended around the 9th century. It ended because the rule Constantine changed the religion to Christianity. All though it is no longer practiced it is still a large part of today including books, movies, and storytelling.