KAHPERD Kwik Notes - Fall 2019

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Highlighting KAHPERD Treasurer - Jannelle Robins-Gaede

August 10, 2019

MOVE to GIVE - Get involved

KAHPERD Move to Give promo video
Move To Give

(click on the green button) Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Move to Give and WHY you should get INVOLVED!!!!

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KAHPERD 2019 Convention

Click on the green button for Convention Highlights and Hotel information - Registration opens on Sept 1, 2019

Why join KAHPERD?????????


KAHPERD Appreciation Awards - Nominate Today!!!!

(Click on photo for nomination link)

Do you know a KAHPERD member that supports the organization in a special capacity?

Who do you count on to help you do you important job to get kids and adults moving?

Do you have “go to” people that share the vision of KAHPERD?

If you do consider nominating them for an Appreciation Award!

We will recognize the people that support you and KAHPERD at the convention prior to the banquet in October. The nominations are due no later than October 15th.

Back to School Ideas - Teach, Love, Inspire

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"10 Tips for Becoming a More Effective Health and Physical Eduator"

As a health and physical educator, you help students build a strong foundation of health, wellness and character that will serve them for a lifetime. As you think about your “Why?” for the upcoming school year, now is a good time to reflect on this critical role. SHAPE America has a free resource titled “10 Tips for Becoming a More Effective Health and Physical Educator” that offers a good list to help you start the year ready to be the best teacher possible.

  1. Plan with the end in mind.

  2. Take time to get to know your students.

  3. Deliver instruction in a way that meets the needs of all learners.

  4. Reteach routines and expectations.

  5. Implement performance-based assessments.

  6. Never stop learning.

  7. Reflect often.

  8. Get involved in local or district committees.

  9. Engage family and community members.

  10. Advocate for your program.

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PE Kansas - For all your lesson plan needs

As you begin this new school year. Don't forget about the outstanding site to spice up your lesson plans. Take a moment and check out this site. (click the green button to visit the site)

Ben Landers - First Week of School

Ben lines out some ideas on what to do the first week of school with your students. Take a moment to read his awesome ideas. Ben has a website at https://www.thepespecialist.com/ (click on the green button to see his awesome ideas)

Joey Feith - Advice for First year Teachers

Joey Feith is the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. He currently teaches elementary physical education at St. George’s School of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. (click on the green button to view Joey's first year teaching ideas)

Videos for movement in the classroom

Here are several "Physical Snacks" shared by Lynn Hefele that can be utilized in the classroom. These are short videos that can be projected in the classroom to encourage movement. I love the name "Physical Snacks"

Movement in the classroom #2

Click on the green button for an article by Lynn Hefele about "Physical Snacks"

You can't spell hoPE Without PE - Workshop Flyer

Click the green button for details and the registration form for the September 12, 2019 workshop at Emporia State University. Hosted by Jim DeLine

Student Teaching Advice for the Future Professional

Click on the green button for an awesome article Student Teaching Advice

American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout - Fundraiser - Contact www.stepitupkids.com

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Click on the green button for more information on the joint project.

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KAHPERD Grant Recipients for 2018

Striding Pedalers - KAHPERD Grant Recipient

Kathy Kochersperger article and video demonstrating how her students utilized the KAHPERD Grant for 2018

Gliding - Newsletter video for Grant
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FitKids4Life Article - Grant Recipient 2018

Terri Lund - KAHPERD Grant Recipient - 2018 - To view, click on the green button

Memoriam update

Memoriam for Dennis Obermeyer

(click on the green button for further information)

Memoriam for Nancy Vannerson

(click on the green button for further information)