yellowstone national park

By: Tanner dreiling


If you are going to go to yellow stone you have many activiteis to do.If your a outdoorsman yellowstone is great for you. You can go fishing for more than 16 species of fish! In the cold winters you can go skiing and snow boarding down the huge mountains. And if you want to just relax and enjoy nature you can go wildlife veiwing, for 67 species of mammals, 330 species of birds, 4 species of amphibians, and 6 reptiles With all these animals it could really test your observation skills. And there are many more activetes to do at yellow stone national park.


the weather in the summer is in the mid 80s and 70s in the afternoon but at night time it cool and could drop below frezzing in the lower elavations in the higher elevations they experince many thunder storms in the afternoon and cold weather at night. in winter they xperince from zero to 20 degress throuoght the day. snow fall is highly variable. there average is 150 inches per year. in the spring and fall time the temperatures are in the 30s and 60s with over night lows snow is common with 12 inches in a 24 hour period