Snow Leopard

By A.H.


  • The Snow Leopard is a mammal
  • Covered in fur
  • 4 to 5 ft;Tail, 36 in, Weighs 60-120 lbs
  • Communicate by scraping paws on ground or marking there territory
  • They are smaller than other big cats, range in size

Food Chain and Habitat

  • Snow leopard food source are sheep, wild boar, gazelles, hares, markhor, tahr, marmots, mice and deer
  • The snow leopards finds its food in the mountain steppes and pine/evergreen forests
  • Snow leopard is a carnivore
  • Snow leopards are predators and hunts about 10 other animals
  • Located in the high mountains of Central Asia, Also found in the Himalayas mountains of Tibet, Kush, Nepal, India and Bhutan
  • Lives in the mountains
  • Climate is polar
  • They live in dens


  • Snow leopards can see colors, camouflage fur for snow, They scrape their paws on the ground to warn others
  • Snow leopards do not hibernate

Reasons for Endangerment

  • Snow leopards are endangered because they are being hunted for there skin
  • There bones, skin and organs are used for Asian medicine
  • There habitats are being destroyed