Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


Night of the Twisters is about 2 best friends that survive 2 tornados. The main character is Dan. His best friend is Arthur. They are at Dan's house when tornado sirens start going off. Dan's dad is at work and Dan's mom, Mrs. Hatch and Dan's baby brother, Ryan, and Arthur are at Dan's house. Mrs. Hatch was going to call a nice old woman named Mrs. Smiley to see if she was watching the news. Mrs. Smiley was a close friend of the Hatch's, so Mrs. Hatch went over ( By herself ) to make sure Mrs. Smiley knew there might be a tornado. While Mrs. Hatch was over at Smiley's, There was more and more tornado warnings. Dan grabbed his baby brother, Ryan, and they went to the basement with Arthur. They hid in the shower because Mr. Hatch said that was the best place! The tornado struck and it was bad! After, the Hatch's house was gone. The whole neighborhood was gone. Dan and Arthur didn't know what to do. They didn't know where Mrs. Hatch was either. But then, Arthur's big sister Stacey found them. She helped them find Mrs. Hatch. She was still at Smiley's. Dan gave his mom Ryan and then Dan, Stacey, and Arthur got in a cop car to go to Kmart. Ryan and Mrs. Hatch went in a bus to Kmart. Stacey, Dan, and Arthur rode to Kmart with an officer named Kelly. They went to Kmart because it was safe. But on the way, the car ran into ANOTHER small tornado. It broke Kelly's glasses, so he trusted Dan to try and drive. But they realized Kmart was too far away. So then they decided to go to the police department. They stayed the night there. When they woke up, Arthur and Stacey's dad, Mr. Darlington, was there. But Dan still needed to look for Ryan and Mrs. Hatch at Kmart. He got a ride with a nice lady, Mrs. Minetti, and she took him to Kmart. But when Dan got there, an officer told him all they people moved. Dan didn't know what to do.... He though about going home. All the sudden, Mr. Hatch pulled up in his truck. They were all excited to know that everyone was ok. But they were going to be living on the farm for a while!


All Characters from Night of the Twisters





Mrs. Hatch

Mr. Hatch

Mrs. Smiley

Aunt Goldie

Ronnie Vae

Officer Kelly

Mrs. Minetti



Mr. Darlington

Mrs. Darlington


The Book!

This was a true story! But part of the book WAS fake/not real. Dan's real name is Mark!! Arthur's real name is James. Minerva, Dan's cat, didn't survive the tornado, so Mark ( Dan )

got a new Minerva! Minerva's real name was teea! Mrs. Smiley, and Officer Kelly etc. aren't in real life. It was just a fake part of the book.

My Opinion!!!

In my opinion, I really liked the book! The author was soooo descriptive, it was like you were in the book, watching the whole thing! This book was very awesome! I kinda of liked how some parts were calm and other parts weren't! I would totally recommend this book to other people! I would also like to read it again!


The setting took place at a lot of places! The places they were at were, Dan's house, Mrs. Smiley's house, the police department, the police car, and the street!

Problem and Solution

The problem of course was the tornado! That caused the family to get kind of separated. The other problem was that Dan needed to know if his family was OK. The solution wasn't a major one, but a nice lady, Mrs. Minetti, drove Dan to Kmart. ( That's where all the people went to be safe. ) Once Dan got to Kmart, a sheriff told him that all the people moved. Dan didn't know what to do. He thought about going home. That's when Dan's dad, Mr. Hatch, pulled up in his truck with Dan's mom, Mrs. Hatch, and Ryan, Dan's baby brother. But because Mrs. Minetti drove Dan to Kmart, he ended up seeing his family. :)