Bryan Palogan


Where am I from?

I am from Orlando Florida (technically I am from Winter Park, but as soon as I cross the street I'm in Orlando); however I was actually born in the Philippines and came to America when I was about seven years old.
It was a big change, but I think I got accustomed to it...
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What am I majoring in?

A good conversation starter with someone your teacher is forcing you to make awkward small talk. I'm currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering because it's an interesting field. It allows you to understand how many of the things around us work. Then you can build cool devices through this understanding and maybe even create something that no one else has thought of. I also chose this field to major in is because I am still uncertain of what I specifically want to do in the field of engineering. And with Mechanical Engineering being tied to many other fields, I thought it would be a good place to start; however, I am still considering Biomedical Engineering.
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Why Excel?

When I first saw the e-mail for Excel, I thought it was going to be a program about using Microsoft Excel.

The main reason I chose to be a part of Excel is because I'm hoping that by joining the program, I'll be able to narrow down what field of engineering interests me most. Choosing something to do for the rest of your life is a momentous decision that high school didn't do a good job assisting us with. Another reason for joining Excel is that there are thousands of students here at UCF and ironically, the massive amount of students here makes it difficult to meet new people. By narrowing down the number to a few hundred students with common interests, it makes it easier to find new people to hang out with.

Excel and My Freshman Year

As I mentioned before, I'm hoping that Excel will help me narrow down what I want to major in. I also hope that it will make college a little more interesting and me meet new people. (I literally said all of these things in the previous section, but it's safe to cover all my bases just in case they're nit-picky).

Something Unique About Me

Personally, I think that finding something wholly unique is difficult, so instead, here are a few things about me.

  • I really like anime.
  • I was in NJROTC and IB for all four years in high school.
  • I became part of the NJROTC armed exhibition team my freshman year.
  • My friends and I like to have water balloon wars.


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