BUC UP-date

Week Five, Second Semester


There are two distinct differences between teachers that excel and love the profession, and those that do not excel and are prone to burn out and become negative!

Lessons and Activities in your Classrooms...........Each activity does not need to have all 10 all the time, but each activity and lesson should include something from this list of 10. DO YOURS? ........... Look at your plans this week and ask yourself.......Which of these 10 do your students deserve more of in your classroom?

1. the activity connects with the world of the learner; it is engaging because they can relate to it.

2. the activity comes from the learner’s own input; it is engaging because they helped to design it

3. the activity is based on the freedom to choose; it is engaging because they selected it

4. the activity is meaningful; it is engaging because they feel that they are contributing something to their school, their community or the world

5. the activity is challenging; it is engaging because there is a real problem to be solved

6. the activity draws the outside world in; it is engaging because it is rooted in the non-school world

7. the activity is awe-inspiring; it is engaging because it encourages learners to look at their world in a different way

8. the activity is interesting; it is engaging because it forces the learner to say “huh!”

9. the activity is interdisciplinary; it is engaging because it involves ideas from a variety of traditionally separate curriculum areas

10. the activity is expansive; it is engaging because it offers the opportunity for further investigation and learning

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