Mrs. Wilson's Language Class

December 8-19

What We Have Been Up To

Students were to conduct an interview with a person of their choice. We then compiled the information and assessed how we did on our speaking and listening skills. If you were the interviewee, thank you for your participation.

We worked on publishing a project where the students learned a little more about Google Docs and Google Drawing. Their projects turned out pretty cool. Be sure to check them out. They should be coming home before break.

After break, we will be doing a short Nonfiction unit before the semester ends in January.


December 19- All 7th grade incentive work is due

December 22- All 6th grade incentive work is due and 7th grade incentive

December 23- 6th Grade incentive/fundraiser and Holiday Dance

December 24- January 4- Holiday Break

January 5- Back to School

Thanks to all who participated in the Ugly Sweater Run. There were many "firsts" that happened. I participated so I received my first race bib and Mr. Grisolono was wearing Packer gear. I heard that is why the Packers lost on Sunday.

6th Grade Incentive

Re-posted from earlier newsletters with added information at the bottom.

On Tuesday, December 23, we will be offering an incentive for students who have completed all of their work, are not failing any classes, and/or have any outstanding detentions. Students will be able to bring money to purchase refreshments if they so choose and the money collected will be donated to a local charity. Please understand all students have been made aware of this and any students who do not meet the above requirements will be given an opportunity to get caught up. In order to participate in this incentive, the requirements will need to be met prior to December 23. This is a scheduled school day and attendance is expected.

Thanks for all of your time and support.

Sixth Grade Teachers

The money raised will be donated to the Kewaskum Food Pantry so that many others can have a nice holiday meal as well.

Prices for concessions are:

$1.00 for drinks

$1.00 for popcorn

$1.50 for a combo (a drink and popcorn)

Please do not send your child with large bills unless you are planning on them donating their change. We will not have excessive amounts of money on hand.

7th Grade Incentive

Mr. Gonwa and myself are having an incentive for our 7th graders in the afternoon of Monday, December 22. In order for those students to qualify, they need to be passing our classes and have no missing assignments. If they are missing assignments or failing, they will have the opportunity during that time to get caught up.

Quote of the Week

This quote made me think of the New Year and new beginnings.
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