Cyber Bullying

Staying Safe Online

Explanation paragraph

Cyber Bullying is when a child or kid is being threaten, harassed, or embarrass form any kind of device that you can interact with. Cyber Bulling is important because lots of kids are being bullied and children have committed suicide after having been involved in a cyber-bullying incident.

Say No To Bullying

6 Tips On Staying Safe

  • 1.Never give out personal Information never put out information about yourself because that start the bulling.

  • 2.Don't Respond If there is somebody being rude or mean to you.

  • 3.Log off if then won't stop and come back later

  • 4.Block The Bully If they continue the next day

  • 5.Save the evidence so you have proof

  • 6.Talk to a trusted adult Then report it

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