Turner Syndrome

BY:Nora and Itzel

Turner Syndrome


Turner syndrome is a genetic disorder characterized by physical features and complete or partial absence of the second sex chromosome.


-short stature

-extra skin on neck

-puffiness or swelling

-heart defects

-high blood pressure

-kidney problems

-non functioning ovaries


-wide neck

-broad chest

-heart murmur

-minor eye problems

-receding or small lower jaw

-low set ears

-delayed groth

How is the disorder treated?

There isn't really a cure but there are treatments that can minimize its symptoms such as estrogen therapy and hormone injections.

what happens to cause the disease?

If a girl has Turner Syndrome one copy of the X-chromosome is missing or significantly changed.

how is it diagnosed?

Its suspected when there are a number of typical physical features observed. sometimes diagnosed when at birth because of heart problems or unusually wide neck or swelling of the hands or feet of the mother.