Missing Something Small

By: Katie Myers

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Missing Something Small

I, being young,

Felt such deep mountains of hurt

For your tiny pale body

Blanketed in snowy feathers

That no longer fluttered.

Your life, my little friend, was short;

I wasn't prepared to let you go.

Born different,

You still stumbled

While your siblings soared.

Yet, determined,

Your puny fragile feet

led you across the vast carpet

Filled with mysterious corners

Awaiting your exploration.

When night fell,

You snuggled close to the blankets

And hand-warmers surrounding you.

Your eye, filled with unknowing innocence,

Peeked out from under the warm covers.

Curiosity glazed your gaze as you watched

Me go about my bedtime routine.

After you left,

I clutched close the comfort,

Of the thoughts of your wings,

Carrying you boundlessly,

Through the ever-so-vast sky of heaven.

♫ Toy Story - 'You've got a friend in me' Lyrics ♫