Jacobsen Syndrome

By Lexie Magnani

What is Jacobsen Syndrome and what are the symptoms and characteristics and is it life threatening or fatal

Jacobsen syndrome is when your 11th chromosomes is deleted from your DNA. A delayed development in motor skills(sitting, standing, and walking) is one way to tell if there is a possibility of you child having Jacobsen syndrome. Another way of telling is behavior problems. Some characteristics are small low set ears, widely set eyes with droopy eyelids.It is life threatening.

Do people experience this syndrome early on in life? Is it genetically inherited or a mutation

Usually people experience this syndrome early on in life. It can be genetically inherited but it is'nt always.

Is Jacobsen syndrome fatal or life threatening

Jacobsen syndrome can be life threatening. people with it can have heart defects, feeding difficulties as and intent, and ferquent sinus and ear infections