Tech Bytes

Carthage ISD Technology Department August 2015

Google Classroom

Click here to learn all about Google Classroom. I recommend this platform for grades 4-12. Create classes, drop in Docs, make assignments and give them deadlines. Then students can return their work in Classroom, the teacher can grade and give feedback, and so much more. Give Classroom a try!

Google Searches

Here are a few tips on using the Omni bar (search bar) in Google.

Calculate--type a math problem in the omni bar and it will calculate it for you.

Timer--If you need a timer to display on the SmartBoard, type "Set Timer" and the time you need. When you hit enter, the timer appears and begins the countdown.

Safe search--For a safe search for younger students, use dinosearch. This is a Google search for kids.

Google Scholar--For older students that need to research scholarly journals, type in Google Scholar. Notice the g in Google now has a graduation cap which indicates the search is for periodicals, journals, etc.

Technology Staff

Annette Johnson--Technology Director

Debby Simpson--Administrative Assistant

Richard Sullivan--Network Administrator

Terry Caudle--Systems Administrator

Mark Baisden--Technology Specialist

Martin Martinez--Technology Specialist

Message from the Director

It is August and time to start planning for the new school year. Once again I have chosen a Google app to promote this month and it is Google Classroom.

Set up classes in Google Classroom to share announcements, handouts, make assignments, start discussions, and more. This platform comes in handy for students that miss school. Even though they missed the class, all of the assignments and handouts for the day are located in Google Classroom. I hope you give Google Classroom a try. I think you will see it will make you more efficient and it will help your students too.

Also, don't forget the awesome website It is free and allows you to send parents and/or students daily announcements or reminders about homework. You don't have to know parents phone numbers or email addresses. Just sign up on and print out the code for your class. Parents sign up and keep informed about all there is to know about their child's class. Promote the use of this tool during Open House or Meet the Teacher events.

Teachers return on Monday, August 17.

See you then!