Should Schools Have a Dress Code?

Maddison Gorman

Dress Code

Schools should have a dress code because the dress code provide borderlines for students in which they get to choose what they want to wear within the boundries of that are the school dress code. It sets the tone for the atmosphere on your campus. While there are different types of dress codes (From school uniforms to acceptible attire) The primary ratinale is increasing student safty through easing gang tentions throughout schools across the country. Schools must take action to protect children. If a dress code helps, then it should be implemented within the school code.


Saftey is one reason for dress code; however, many teachers believe that school a dress code is the only way to have a positive, educatinal enviornment. The dress code, whatever it may be, helps keep kids in slitude and create an equal enviornment where you don't have to worry about what the latest fasion trend is or about not fitting in. Public schools have the responsibility to teach your child in a safe, and comforting enviornment. Implementing a dress code is one way to easily do that.
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Even though dress code is a way to implement the respectful side of students clothing, freedoms are necessary for self expression and increases motivation. However, the case may vary between schools. Some may say that dress code should be implemented within the school district because of inappropriate clothing.

In Conclusion

Yes we should have freedoms to what we wear, but the schools that have the rule also set boundries between what you can and cannot wear for the saftey of their students. All in all, the dress code should be implemented within each school district for a safer, and more repectful enviornment.