Evaluating ebook designs

Margarita Aldecoa


I am going to evaluate two ebooks, taking into consideration the way they were written and the designs used, but also their accessibility and originality.



The ebook is very well organized with different topics. It explains all the activities very clearly: what you need, the whole procedure and how to put them in practise. There are some examples at the end as well.

At the beginning of the ebook we can see the license which is very helpful in order to know if we can use it or not.


The multimedia used is very poor, there are a couple of links to add more variations to the activities explained but the author does not give a lot of information about them.

One example is at the end of first activity where there is a link called "do it online" and it takes you to another web where you can find more information but very general information (not about the topic specifically).


This ebook is intended for teachers in order to help them in the classroom. It does not indicate if the activities shown could be use with children with special needs.

Innovation and Originality

It is very helpful for teachers as it explains every activity very well (explanation, materials, procedure, extension and variations) and what is it intended for.

It lacks originality a bit, because in the net we have a lot of websites with different activities to help teachers in the class.

IELTS WRITING TASK 1 by Norma Hipperdinger, Tanja Debevc and Anna Conway


The ebook is about a very specific topic: how to prepare the writing part of the IELST test.

It is very useful if you are preparing the exam as it gaves you all the tips for doing a perfect test.

It goes though all the different parts of the exam giving you instructions of how to do it in order to get a good grade, but it does not tell you how to write it.


The multimedia here is very poor as it just gives a few links at the end of the ebook where you can find more information about the exam.


The ebook is intended for students that want to take the IELTS exam but it does not say anything about those ones with special needs.

Innovation and originality

It is not innovative or original because it does not give you more information about the exam, it just says how to do it in order to pass.


Ebooks are so important!

We are in a technology world so ebooks are very important in the classroom! Books are becoming obsoleted, as we have more resources to use.

That's why we need to take advantage of all the ebooks in the net that are going to help us teachers improve the quality of our classes in the schools.